It is our great pleasure to invite you to attend the IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium, NOMS 2014, 5-9 May 2014 in Krakow, Poland.

In this idyllic setting, you will be able to network with friends, colleagues, customers and vendors from around the world. The conference theme, Management in a Software Defined World, aims at capturing from a management perspective new paradigms, such as the Cloud and SDN.
Krakow, the old Royal Capital of Poland, is a reasonably priced, easy to reach, central location with a large community of ICT researchers associated with world class academic and industrial institutions. You will have opportunities to experience the city and surroundings from both modern and historic perspectives, with sites such as its Old Town, a nearby salt mine (http://www.wieliczka-saltmine.com/), and many lovely restaurants offering a range of eating preferences. Much more information is available on line, for example at http://www.krakow.pl/english/ and http://poland.pl/poland/.  The Krakow venue for NOMS will ease the way for you to network with friends, colleagues, customers and vendors from around the world.

Technical Program
  • Paper Sessions - providing numerous technical sessions with papers presenting the latest technical advances through peer-reviewed paper sessions.
  • Poster Sessions – enabling one-on-one interactions between authors and attendees.
  • Experience Sessions - where theory and practice come together with a real world perspective
  • Tutorials - offering education for keeping up with new and emerging topics essential to today's engineering and technology environment.
  • Workshops - with specialized focus on the latest breakthroughs in information and communications technology management in an environment that encourages discussion and debate.
Industrial Forum and Patrons
  • Keynote Presentations – six top industry leaders share their visions and experiences, and challenge us in exciting, new ways.
  • Experience Sessions - featuring exciting panel sessions with sometimes controversial viewpoints on hot new topics of importance to our community.
  • Exhibits - where major vendors and service providers have the opportunity to display their latest products and services.
Professional Development
  • Dissertation Session – recognizing the best doctoral thesis from among the best and brightest of our next generation.
  • GOLD Session – providing a forum for the IEEE Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) program to address career and other professional development needs for recent graduates.
Our goal is to make your participation in NOMS 2014 one of the most valuable and memorable experiences of your life from both professional and personal perspectives. See you in Krakow!

 Andrzej R. Pach                         Douglas N. Zuckerman
 General Co-Chair                          General Co-Chair