Travel to Poland

General information and advices about travel to Poland can be found on
You can reach Krakow by air. Krakow Airport (John Paul II International Airport Kraków-Balice) has frequent connections with a large number of European cities. Full timetable is available at

You can travel to Krakow also by train. It is an interesting option when traveling from Warsaw (it takes about 3 hours). Full timetable can be available by interactively searching the interactive timetable available at: (


The local currency is Polish Złoty (PLN). 1 EUR is ca. 4.20 PLN (on October 2013). 1 USD is ca. 3.00 PLN (on October 2013). For current conversion rate please refer to or official page of National Bank of Poland ( You can exchange money in the money exchange or withdraw PLN from an ATM.
  • The money exchange nearest to conference venue is located at the Hilton Hotel.
  • Nearest ATM: Komandosów street 1, Awiteks building


The climate is mostly temperate throughout the country, however becomes gradually continental in the Krakow region.
The average high in May is 66°F/19°C with a low of 48°F/9°C.
The average monthly rainfall is 3.2 in/8.0 cm.

Transport Infomation

The hotels are located about 25-30 minutes by taxi from Krakow Airport (KRK).
Please use only corporate taxicabs. They offer the highest level of service and safety. Trustful taxi corporations include:
·      Radio Taxi 19191, +48 12 19 191, +48 12 419 0000,
·      Radio Taxi Barbakan, +48 12 19 661, 48 600 400 400,
·      Radio Taxi Dwójki, +48 12 19 622, +48 12 422 2222,
·      Radio Taxi MPT, +48 12 19 663, +48 12 644 5555,
A typical waiting time in the city center (including surroundings of the conference hotels) is 5-15 minutes. If you would like to pay by a credit card, please indicate it when speaking to the call-center operator since credit cards are not accepted by all drivers. A driver is obliged to give a receipt to you after the trip. Tipping is not necessary.
Important advice: Even if you see a corporate taxicab at a stand, do not use it. In most cases, if you order it via a call-center, you will get a discount.
Car rental
Information for the airport is available here:,c70/transport-parking,c76/car-rental,a203.html

Time Tables of Public Transport

The time tables of public transport are located on We highly advice you to use the powerful journey planner On many tram and bus stops, you can find “Check how to reach” posters (see Figure 6) among time tables. Scanning the QR Code or entering the address in the web browser will guide you to the journey planner with the start stop already being chosen.